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Client Testimonials

“I would like to thank you including your team at C.O.R.E. Services Inc. for your wonderful effort in giving me this excellent job within the food industry. Thank you so much.”

Production Supervisor

Food Manufacturer

“We appreciate your prompt response to our staffing requirements. Your professional response and timely support has been very useful to our business”

Global Director of Manufacturing

Electronics Industry

“I just wanted to let you know that I really like the company as you figured I would. The people are great, thanks again for placing me with this organization”

Senior Buyer

Electronics Industry

“Thank you for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it. I’ll await word from you and may I say, I greatly appreciate your communication style, constantly keeping me informed and updated. My experience with some agencies has not been quite so positive!”

Production Scheduler

Food/Packaging Industry

“Thank you for preparing me for the interview with your client. I appreciate your level of professionalism and the meeting I had with you was very beneficial”

Maintenance Manager

Pharmaceutical Industry

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you and C.O.R.E. Services Inc. for being so helpful with me during the past 6 months that I have worked for your client. They have now hired me full time and I thank you for making this happen”

Technical Inside Sales

Electronics Industry

“Thank you so much for helping me to be a part of the organization you presented me to. I appreciate the many times you took to interview me and all the efforts you kindly provided to coordinate the hiring process. I look forward to starting my new position and once again I’d like to thank you for the great opportunity”

Electronic Technologist


“Just thought I would touch base with you and let you know that the new job is going great. Thanks again for everything you did for me. I would highly recommend your services”

Customer Service Representative

Metal Fabricator

“I really enjoyed working with your staff. The individuals you placed for us were very professional individuals and worked very well with our team. It has been really nice dealing with you.”

Quality Manager

Plastics Manufacturer

“C.O.R.E. Services Inc. is our #1 supplier for all agency temps…”

Human Resources Generalist

Plastics Manufacturer

“Not bad, 3 for 3 on the recent candidates that we’ve used recruiters for”

Human Resources Manager

Engineering Consulting

“Rest assured that when the need for additional personnel occurs we will contact you immediately. Thank you for your consistent reliable service and the care with which your team recruits for us. I look forward to continuing our business relationship in the near future”

Production Manager

Building Materials Manufacturer

“Thank you both for the hard work you have done on my behalf. I really appreciate the pace at which the entire process was executed. I think you have presented me to an excellent employer and I would highly recommend C.O.R.E. Services Inc.”

Production Manager

Consumer Products

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